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@warrant63: Agree and understood. All fine. The idea of the Bundle/Mega Bundle for exclusive club sorta thing sounds like a possible one to me. I don’t know if it could be a good idea though…

: Maybe an unpopular opinion but I think the same at some points. There are people whose shares are reuploads only and never buy a single product. I know I haven’t shared in a while (and have my reasons) but you can see I filled several items in the past so… at least I bought and use my own money. Some people really are only leeching. How to avoid? I dont know and I think it’s not possible.

: Backdoor trading exists, will exist and existed the single moment users are interacting each other in a place but not here, in every single CG forum you can think of. Other thing is that people started to do it more and some people noticed it more but it’s impossible to control it. When I was sharing I know inner circles existed here as it’s the common thing in every pirate forum.

“People dont mind downloading $100,000 worth of content but they dont want to share?”

True. And they don’t buy anything neither in terms of sharing. IMO what @mxyzptlk said is what I think when he talked about how sharing works. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. You are not scratching my back, no worries I won’t scratch yours neither. Pirating is about help each other not about leeching everything you can when you’re no giving anything in exchange. But that’s probably me.


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