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I’m with @Zemlon
E all day every day. Except anonymity shouldn’t be allowed for request filling.

The fact that this is considered an issue makes me chuckle a bit.
I have noticed that the vast majority of folks with an issue here are non-contributors. The ones with the loudest voices don’t have a single sale in their history.
“Why hasn’t “item X” been shared to the blog, yet?!?”
“This isn’t fair!”
“There are rules here, dammit!”
“This is a share site! You should be sharing with me!”
or one of my personal faves…
“If you are a member here, you should be sharing your purchases here”
Each of those comments have been made in a forum thread by a non-contributor.

To all the non sharing DBs out there…If YOU aren’t sharing, YOUR opinion on this subject means less than ZERO to me. In my opinion, you don’t get a voice in the matter.

There are several reasons why a request fulfilled item may not make it to the blog.
1) There are still outstanding payments to be made on the item
2) It is a rare/niche item.
3) A request has been made by the author of the product that their item not be posted to the blog.
4) It was an expensive purchase
5) Chemo brain is a real thing. It is possible an item might have been forgotten, plain and simple.

Those are all reasons that have applied to me, at one point or another.

As for a reasonable time…it is 2 days or infinity. That is up to the supplier, period.

Listen, I know this is a sharing site. However, sharing is a 2 way thing. It doesn’t mean only some people share. Just like you can’t control whether someone shares, you also can’t control HOW I share.

I know I will likely be attacked for voicing my opinion…no stranger to it. We can’t let a sharing site be steered by non-contributors.


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