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I know that there is no grace period 😀 but nevertheless, you can find posts about this in the request threads, that’s why I’ve included it.
Obviously what I’ve written was just a brain-fart idea, and it was for the best-case scenario, and I know that we can’t verify the poster/buyer question, or we can’t do anything if the filler wants to be anon, or with the question that what happens if an item’s link during it’s 1 month cooldown dies (and the poster disappears.)

As @eelgoo said, we can’t make everyone happy with these things, but we need to find a solution because the number of public posts is decreasing (and the main reason for new people to come here are the public posts).
And we can come up even with Skynet controlled rules and points system, but someone would need to develop and work on that, and this is still a free site with volunteers, so we need to stick with easy solutions 🙂

Sorry, I have too much free time today 😀


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