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“There is no grace period, so if you fill something and want to keep it as a private share, other folks from the request thread not going to share it (only if they [or someone outside from the request thread] bought a copy from that item)”

I have a question here dude. Do you mean the thread is filled by “anon” where you can write in the thread and hopefully you can offer points for that item or are you talking about keeping a request thread opened while some of the users already were sent the item in private? Wondering this.

And in the 2nd case… How are you going to verify that it was a new copy purchase and not the previous one? Asking cause I don’t know :/.

“The public posts for new stuff from big stores should be always in the upcoming section with 1 month countdown (so everyone can see what’s up).”
TOTALLY AGREE AT THIS. Can’t say the times I purchased things that “ok, I will test it, looks more or less good” that if I knew it was already purchased by someone willing to upload here, won’t buy them or buy another ones…

Between D and E but:

D) Time enough for creators to get money and I think that all of us here (and I’m looking more at the buyers) should accept that items will be 100% shared at sometime and if they somehow (to protect theirselves from DAZ, etc) don’t want the item to be shared here in a public way, please, don’t fill the item, simple as that.

Being said that, in my case I’ve NEVER shared anything that wasn’t 100% my purchase even grace period ends or not. And won’t do it in the future since it’s my way of do the things, good or not. (Hope it makes sense).

E) Want to see where this leads. Could be interesting can’t deny it.

Damn. I dont know.


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