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D: A month, but

– After a request is filled you are not forced to publicly share it.
– There is no grace period, so if you fill something and want to keep it as a private share, other folks from the request thread not going to share it (only if they [or someone outside from the request thread] bought a copy from that item)
– The public posts for new stuff from big stores should be always in the upcoming section with 1 month countdown (so everyone can see what’s up).
[Edit: Obviously the part below only works if the filler doesn’t want to be anon]
– If you can’t wait for 1 month (maybe the thread got filled too fast, so it wouldn’t be too fair for everyone) you can PM the original filler from the original request thread for a “private copy”.
– After a request was filled (you posted it, and it’s still spending its 1 month cooldown), if someone would like to get a “private copy” from you via PM, you need to accept any amount of Pts offer for it – probably with a minimum 50Pts or 100Pts limit (so this way folks cant farm points endlessly)
– PM sending should be tied to some minimal requirement, so the leecher site accounts (which don’t do anything – just cash in the daily reward and unlock the new public posts) cant hijack the items from the filler and post them on their sites.


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