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Frank says: – “While we’re grip’n there’s also the people who join and then send out a shit-ton of friendship requests to garner points”.

Yes and I totally agree with you. The problem behind that and the rest of the things you and others are addressing here is that these flaws are a part of the superstructure of this site. People will always find a workaround to dodge certain code of ethics and rules. As long as the admins and foremost Hunterdon’t see the need to change it, it will continue. I know and have heard every excuse for not changing it. None of them seems valid to me. But I’m not willing to take that fight over again. Been there, done that.

I too agree that people are putting out requests faster than they are willing to buy the stuff and share it here. It almost seems compulsive. Even things that are cheaper than a lunch meal… if you’re really honest about it. Bundles are another thing as they often pass the 100$ margin.


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