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I don’t think I am missing the point so much… I just got to a place where 50, 500, or 5000 points doesn’t mean much to me. I’ll report a dead link, but I could care less about the points.

I have participated in MANY threads here about how various aspects of the “system” is broken. I’ve given my opinion, solutions, even volunteered to help fix it, and… crickets…
So, believe me, I get it. (or don’t believe me… don’t really care.)

The best thing, imho, is to get to that place where points don’t matter, out of personal abundance. Just become active on the site. There are lots of ways to earn points from art contests to re-upping dead links.

I got my feet wet by looking for something that I wanted, that had a high bounty, and “gave back” to the community by buying it and posting.

Then scour the dead post link to see what you have that is “dead”… sometimes links go down after only a few days or hours… give the OP some time to re-up, but after about a week, post it yourself.

There are other places to get free assets, check those to see if they have anything dead/we don’t have.

And soon enough, you won’t be caring too much about points cause’ you’ll have so many.

Your mileage may vary, of course.


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