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Frank wrote and I quote: – “Like in a lot of things I’ve seen in the past on similar sites that have gone down the drain, it isn’t so much what people do or don’t do, but a general bad attitude of and between longstanding members that develops. Let’s no go down that path”.
Yes, Frank, people keep forgetting that almost all the time. At the same time it’s so cowardly to attack another member behind the shelter of a nick. If they’d man up, they’d put out their real name, phone number and e-mail address. But that won’t happen in a million years.

Another thing that is annoying is when certain people encourage other members here to go and buy stuff, coz’ it’s on sale. Why don’t they do it themselves then and contribute to the site?? You can’t speak highly of “standards” and not keeping them yourself, right?! That’s hypocrisy.

I’ve been one of these people who’d only acted on requests and not posting them afterwards. This for over two years now. Sometime I’ve written to someone and given them an OK to post it if they like. I got tired of all the leeching and the lame responses from the admins here. The flaws in this site that allows any Tom, dick and Harry to farm points. Then leave for their own website and post them without the demand of the point system we have here. It’s way too easy to not being one that support this site, only leech it. Way too easy.

But… then again… here I am and now posting everything that I didn’t before. So… were back on track I guess.



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