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IDK, it may seem like there’s very few, but then again there’s a wide array of one-hit-wonders who add to the blog. Overall there’s still quite a flow of archival goodness, which is more important than scoreboarding who posts how much, IMHO. It probably is true that there are a select few who contribute a major share, but I feel like the reasons for caring about that are far less important than other things. It gets dangerously close to comparing e-peens at that point.

@eegloo –
I’m of a like mind. This seems like it’s far more of an issue- there are certain commonly accepted practices going on here which are antithetical to the spirit and function of the blog as a whole.

A little story, and I won’t mention the user (a fine contributor, my intent is not to bash but to illustrate)-
I was looking for a popular Daz Original, been out for a long time, not found here or in the wild. A deep Google search turned up a request thread here… found out that it had in fact been fulfilled 3 or 4 months ago. I sent OP a message with a “name your price” enticement, got a prompt reply with a link and (paraphrasing) “not worried about points, whatever you want to give” (so I transferred 1k because nice nice cool and all).
Then there was the quoted text in italics to remind me…
”In keeping with the site’s TOS, I have the right to ask those I give my files to, not to post them on the ZoneGFX pages, public pages or on other share sites. This file is for your private enjoyment and use, not for the rest of the world yet, I will post it after a time myself to ZoneGFX. Any questions about this feel free to contact Hunter, Monk, AnjaBear, or Eelgoo, the moderators.”
Sure, no problem. I honor reasonable requests, as this is an officially sanctioned practice here…
Well a week later it appears in the blog by said Fulfiller, after months of hiding behind a request wall. Now I don’t begrudge anyone the free exercise of their rights according to the rules, and the difference between 50 points and 1k, whatevs, IDGAF really (what is virtual currency if you can’t throw it around like George Soros?); but to an extent I do have issue with what the rules do and don’t allow as some of it conflicts with the scope and mission of the Blog, and some of it is not so much Rule, as Convention.
That being said, I do notice quite a bit of content that is fulfilled in request, and never makes it to the blog. I can’t ignore the likelihood that this is an attractive nuisance for those who would farm high payouts for coveted products, far more than it would be a protective tactic against DMCA. Either case contravenes the spirit of the blog, and encourages a bloated “secret hoard” layer.

If you’re worried about takedown, consider if it’s a high or low volume item. If many have bought it, shake your fist and yell “come at me bro”. Takedown and Repost are easy enough to deal with and good OPSEC keeps you insulated.
If you’re likely the only one person ever to have bought an item (be wary of low-rent storefronts), or if it was personally shared by the author, I would say do not bring it to show-and-tell at all, period.
That leaves us with the remainder; so if you’re just point-farming or playing Exclusive Diva, then GTFO.

Zone exists to host a public repository. Requests section exists to bring lost, forgotten, or hiding items to Zone. Bounties exist to facilitate Requests, to “grease the wheels”. Zone is not meant to be a circle-jerk of private hoarders. If that’s what you’re into, go start a treehouse club on Tor or Peers.
So in light of all that, I strongly believe the Rules need to be distilled and refreshed, and that no quarter is given to withholding.
In short, if you’re not willing for an item to be blog-posted, don’t bring it at all. If you are willing to share it, understand that it will go to the blog, one way or another, and in a timely fashion.
Yes, the Fulfiller should have control over distribution to ensure collection of posted bounty, within reason. But any item fulfilled should be no more than a couple of weeks before it has to hit the blog. Keeping a bounty private for 6 months because “one person still hasn’t responded with their 500 points” is not a valid excuse, that extends beyond reasonable (suck it up or consult an admin). There should be a set time, simply, where either Fulfiller or Requester(s) post that item to the blog. Fulfiller has right of first refusal, of course; if not posted before time is up, then it’s fair game for anyone holding it. Period. No whining, no crying, no convoluted litany of exceptions and conventions. Post or gtfo. Simple. Streamlined. Fair.
We mostly have that now, and it seems like it used to be far closer to that ideal years ago than it is now, but the system has strayed off the mark. I think we need to tidy up the process a bit. And seriously, f#ck hoarders and product pimps. You’re in the wrong neighborhood. 🙂


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