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Personally, I think PAs are lazy and bad taste… Who the hell cares about a bundle of centaurs, or ancient Egypt, or clothes that do nothing more than fill your hard drive, with thousands of morphs that in the end only hinder fluid work?
The last thing I bought were some scripts from “Daz Studio Animation Tools – Set 1” and I decrypted the dse to dsa so that people can see the code and make known how the scripts are made: That is for the benefit of knowledge and being able to modify to your liking or contribute ideas for new ones. (Then I realized that it was in “request”, but I don’t care about the points…)
It depends on each user to have a 5Tb library or like me, I only use G8 for my animation stuff, without hair or clothing and 4 basic morphs, all well compacted to avoid using hard drives or SSDs full of garbage that I am NOT going to never use.
I buy content that interests me and I don’t see any problem in sharing it.
But each person is a world… they say. 🙂


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