EJ Brisa for Genesis 2 Female

EJ Brisa for Genesis 2 Female

EJ Brisa for Genesis 2 Female
EJ Brisa Details

Brisa is a character for Genesis 2 Female, with highly detailed skin and makeups, and many options to customize her appearance.

Includes a beautiful custom sculpted morph for the head, and also sculpted anatomical elements, elven ears, and a set of body painting, makeup, nails, and lashes that can look great together: mix and match them as you wish. All the morph options include Apply and Remove icons, and you also have the tools to set nails long or short on one click, and also to set nipples on and off for skintight/normal look on clothing.

In addition, you have options to apply body painting just in the chest, or just in the back, in the side of the body without the one in the chest, or in all the body, and independent options to apply body painting in the right arm and the right leg.

Also includes 10 eye colors (eight natural and two fantasy colors), seven natural makeups, four fantasy makeups, seven eyelashes colors that will look great with the makeups, nine lip colors (natural and fantasy), and seven hands and feet nails colors that look great with the lip colors.


Required Product:Genesis 2 Female Body Morphs

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