Bloody Christmas Kiss for Genesis 8 [FREE]

Bloody Christmas Kiss for Genesis 8

Bloody Christmas Kiss for Genesis 8

“Bloody Christmas Kiss for Genesis 8” is a freebie Christmas Collection pack created by FeralFey, Esid, and FenixPhoenix to celebrate the end of 2020.

The pack consists of a Couple Poses & Expressions of a Vampire having suck the blood out of an enthralled victim. The Pose comes in four variants: Female Vampire x Male Victim, Female Vampire x Female Victim, Male Vampire x Female Victim, and Male Vampire x Male Victim.

In addition, we have included several LIE Iray Material Preset which can be applied to any Genesis 8 Characters. These include an open vampire bite which can be applied with or without the blood trailing down, a vampire bite scar, vampire’s bloody lips, mouth, and blood trailing down the corner of the mouth. These all come with mirror presets as well. A morph to apply vampire fangs is also included for both Genesis 8 Male(s) and Female(s) as well as presets to apply and remove them from your figure.

Happy Holidays from FeralFey, Esid, and FenixPhoenix!

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