AR Curvy Body & AR Ripped Body Morph 1 for G9

AR Curvy Body & AR Ripped Body Morph 1 for G9

AR Curvy Body & AR Ripped Body Morph 1 for G9

Need more curves for your Genesis 9 or want to make get Genesis 9 in shape? Here are the AR Curvy Body Morph 1 and AR Ripped Body Morph 1 versions for Genesis 9. Each single body morph was made to be as faithful as possible to the Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 versions, while simultaneously taking advantage of Genesis 9’s higher polygon count. The navel and nipples are separate morphs, which can be turned on and off for your convenience. Since Genesis 9 comes with her default navel turned on, there are presets to turn it on and off included. All morphs are available as morph dials and shaping presets. In addition, this product has Smart Content Integration, so you can apply the presets faster. (Note: The nipples morphs rely on the HD female nipple morphs that come with Genesis 9).

This product was tested on Windows and Linux (via Wine)
This product has Smart Content Integration.

Product Requirements:

DAZ Studio 4.21 or higher
Genesis 9 (included with DAZ Studio 4.21)


In the Shaping Tab

Genesis 9/Actor/Full Body/AR Curvy 1 Body
Genesis 9/Actor/Full Body/AR Ripped 1 Body


You can find the nipples morph named AR Ripped 1 Nipples in:

Genesis 9/Chest/Feminine/AR Ripped 1 Nipples


You can find the navel morph named AR Ripped 1 Navel in:

Genesis 9/Waist/AR Ripped 1 Navel

In the Content Library Tab


You can find all the shaping presets in:

People/Genesis 9/Shapes/Arodia

In the Smart Content Tab


You can find the AR Ripped Body Morph 1 for G9 product under:

Default/Shaping/AR Ripped Body Morph 1 for G9

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