1. Monk

    G3F Ultimate Breast Morphs

    G3F Ultimate Breast Morphs This is the ultimate collection of breast shapes for the Genesis 3 Female(s)! Brand new morphs, hand sculpted from photo references and fantasy artwork. Included are a total of 42 full breast shape morphs. A huge range of shapes are provided, organized into the categories Small,...
  2. Legolas18

    Ghost Dynamics

    Ghost Dynamics Details Interact with your mesh-like never before — Ghost Dynamics consists of a collection of tools that allow you to interact and deform a target mesh. The props themselves range from hand gestures and body parts to simple primitives and shapes. Having a range of rigged, movable shapes...
  3. Legolas18

    FG Mystic Alehouse

    FG Mystic Alehouse Details Grab a pint after a long day in the fields or particularly grueling marauding in the FG Mystic Alehouse! This period Alehouse is the perfect and detailed environment for you to do any fantasy render you want to. This set has many props and various preload...
  4. Monk

    BWC Sunbathing Poses for V6, V5 and V4

    BWC Sunbathing Poses for V6, V5 and V4 Victoria, a premiere 3D model, loves the summer, because she loves to sunbathe at the beach or pool. With this set you get 16 sunbathing poses (and 16 mirrored versions of them) for three generations of Victoria! http://www.daz3d.com/catalog/product/view/id/16668
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