1. Monk

    Rairaiken Shinjuku 1954

    Rairaiken Shinjuku 1954 In Japan of the 1950’s, there was such a store in the alley of the town. The road was still soil, and electric appliances such as B/W television, refrigerator and washing machine were valuables. This Rahmen-noodle diner has on the menu such items as Rahmen( Chinese noodles...
  2. Marcus H.

    Krampus HD for Genesis 8 Male

    Krampus HD for Genesis 8 Male SKU: 58261 Details This hand sculpted, level 4 HD Krampus Character Morph is a high concept character with hand painted texture maps and a unique design meant to add depth of character to any high fantasy scene. Wearable Horns included. What’s Included and Features...
  3. Morlock

    Teen Ashley Megapack

    Teen Ashley Megapack Teen Ashley Mega Pack V4 Introducing V4 Teen Ashley lovingly created by 3D Universe, known for their outstanding products! V4 Teen Ashley is more than just a character for V4, it’s a total solution. All items seen in the promos are included! Not only do you get...
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