1. Monk

    Castle Dev Egyptian Bedroom Set

    Castle Dev Egyptian Bedroom Set Give your Egyptian Kings, Queens, god/desses, and Pharaohs a place to rest and rejuvenate! This set consists of a royal bedroom suite. The night stand is a highly detailed bedside table with a drawer that opens, richly detailed textures, and modeled ornamentation. The chair features...
  2. Angel_twins

    Cody for Genesis 3 & 8 Female

    Cody for Genesis 3 & 8 Female Cody is a beautiful lady with different kinds of presets that fit all tastes. From scifi inspired to doll face makeups, glossy nails or metallic that matches the makeups, and also lipsticks. She has detailed skin and eyes. https://www.daz3d.com/cody-for-genesis-3--8-female
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